The Art Market Past and Present: Lessons for the Future?

A two-day conference on relations between the art market in history and the art market today, organized by Sotheby's Institute of Art – London and The Burlington Magazine, to be held at Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London on Friday 31 October and Saturday 1 November 2014.

Registration is now open – please see details at the bottom of this page. 


Friday 31st October:

Networks and Agents
Day chaired by: Barbara Pezzini, The Burlington Magazine

Session 1: Networks and Globalization

Respondent: Anna Dempster

Hans J. Van Miegroet – Global Trade Networks, Art Export and the Emergence of New Markets for Mass-Produced Imagery in the Americas
Christel H. Force – Evolution of the Market for Blue-and-Rose-Period Picassos before World War II
Georgina Bexon – Indian Contemporary Art: the Effects of Globalization in an Evolving Art Market

Session 2: The Market, Connoisseurship and the Academy

Respondent: Susanna Avery-Quash

Antoinette Friedenthal – John Smith, his Rembrandt Catalogue Raisonné and the Value of Provenance
Lynn Catterson – Stefano Bardini and the Art of Dealing Art
Laetitia Masson – The Old Master Drawings’ Market, Past, Present and Future: What to Expect from a Specialized Market Today
Jeremy Howard – Duveen versus Colnaghi and Knoedler: the Case of the ‘overpainted’ Holbein

Session 3: Collectors

Respondent: Nicola Pickering

Sebastian de Vivo – Display of Art/Display of Self: Pierre Crozat and the Transformation of Magnificence
Heike Zech – The Thrill of the Chase: Sir Arthur Gilbert (1913–2001) as Collector
Chris Ingram – The Ingram Collection: the Journey of a 21st Century Collector

Session 4: Dealers

Respondent: John Martin

Claartje Rasterhoff and Filip Vermeylen – Mediators of Trade and Taste: Early Modern Dealers and the European Art Market
Titia Hulst – Leo Castelli’s Innovation: Creating Value in the Primary Market for Avant-garde Art
Agnès Penot – Becoming a Branded Dealer in the 19th Century: the Example of La Maison Goupil

Saturday 1st November:

Strategies of Sales and Display
Day chaired by: Jonathan Woolfson, Sotheby’s Institute of Art - London

Session 1: Market Strategies

Respondent: Jeffrey Boloten

Michelle O’Malley – Botticelli and Market Strategies in Late Fifteenth-Century Florence
Maria Elena Versari – Selling the Avant-Garde: Italian Futurism in the Art Market
Frances Fowle – Marketing Impressionism: Paul Rosenberg’s 1922 Exhibition
Patrizia Thuy Vi Koenig – Fabricating Value: the Limited Edition of Photography in Past and Present

Session 2: Museums and Exhibitions

Respondent: Amy Mechowski

Leanne Zalewski – ‘Choice Imported Pictures’: European Art in New York Auctions, Private Galleries and Museums in the 1880s
Joanna Smalcerz – Wilhelm von Bode and his Networks of Contacts in the Art Market for Old Masters Sculpture in Europe around 1900
Johannes Nathan – The First ‘Documenta’: a Selling Exhibition?

Session 3: Auction Houses

Respondent: Tom Christopherson

Elizabeth Pergam – Selling Pictures: the Value of Auction Catalogue Illustrations
Lukas Fuchsgruber – The Creation of the Hôtel Drouot Auction House in 1852: a New Space for the Discourse of Art and Value

Registration Information

Conference fees: £80 for both days, £40 for one day. Students: £40 for both days, £20 for one day. STUDENT TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT

Fee includes buffet lunch on each day and a reception for all participants on the evening of Friday 31st October.

Registration is via our online booking form which accepts payment by credit/debit cards only.

Please click on the link below and select the relevant event at the bottom of the page. If you are attending for one day only, please ensure that you select the correct day. Students should enter the discount code stu14 when requested. Students will be contacted after registration for verification of student status.

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