Burlington Magazine Publications Ltd has created an Online Index, which aims to include the entire content of The Burlington Magazine from March 1903 until the present.

The years 1903-2002 are indexed and currently online.

The Burlington Magazine Online Index is FREE to use, subject to FREE registration. JSTOR subscribers can also view articles and illustrations online. Non JSTOR subscribers can still search articles and illustrations in The Burlington Magazine through the Online Index and purchase single articles if needed.

The Online Index is a SUBJECT- BASED INDEX, compiled with great scholarly care. It is the best resource to search and browse the content of the magazine for GENERAL SUBJECTS (such as aesthetics, attributions, critical reception etc.), ARTISTS and AUTHORS who contributed to The Burlington Magazine. In the Online Index it is also possible to browse lists of COLLECTORS & ART DEALERS, PATRONS, BUILDINGS, PRIVATE GALLERIES and MUSEUMS. Access to all lists is FREE.

The Burlington Magazine Online Index also contains all illustrations which have appeared in The Burlington Magazine, indexed by ARTIST and MEDIA. A free-text search of captions of illustrations is also possible.

The Burlington Magazine Online Index is a powerful resource – it identifies the most significant mentions of artists and other subjects that can then be refined to a very sophisticated degree. If a complete free-text search resource is required, where every single mention of a term is sought, please use JSTOR.

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