• North America | Washington, Smithsonian American Art Museum. | to 30 Sep 2018 | Exhibition

    Diane Arbus: A box of ten photographs

    An exhibition examines the history behind Diane Arbus’s late portfolio A box of ten photographs (1969–71), which was critical to the posthumous reception of her work.

  • Europe | Madrid, Museo del Prado. | to 30 Sep 2018 | Exhibition

    Lorenzo Lotto: Portraits

    An extensive selection of portraits by Lorenzo Lotto is accompanied by documents from the artist's account books; reviewed in the August issue (then in London).

  • Europe | Vienna Museum. | to 7 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Otto Wagner

    Objects from the estate of Otto Wagner are combined with the Museum’s holdings in the first major exhibition on the architect in fifty years; 15th March to 7th October.

  • Europe | Vienna, Imperial Furniture Collection. | to 7 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Wagner, Hoffmann, Loos and Furniture design in Viennese Modernism. Artists, Patrons and Producers

    Wagner, Hoffmann, Loos and Furniture design in Viennese Modernism. Artists, Patrons and Producers.

  • Europe | Schloss Ambras, Innsbruck. | to 7 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    The Art of Power Habsburg: Women in the Renaissance

    An exhibition compares the patronage of Margaret of Austria, Mary of Hungary, and Catherine of Austria.

  • Europe | Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. | to 7 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Shadows of Time. Giambologna, Michelangelo and the Medici Chapel

    An exhibition argues that replicas of Michelangelo’s Times of Day from the collection of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden are early works by Giambologna.

  • Europe | KODE – Art Museums and Composers Homes, Bergen. | to 7 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    J.C. Dahl: The Power of Nature

    A monographic exhibition devoted to the Norwegian landscape painter J.C. Dahl (1788–1857).

  • Great Britain and Ireland | The Hepworth Wakefield. | to 7 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain

    An exhibition explores Lee Miller’s critical role in Surrealist networks in Britain.

  • Europe | Vienna Museum. | to 7 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Otto Wagner

    The centenary of Otto Wagner's birth occasions a major exhibition of the architect's drawings, models and personal collection.

  • Europe | Augarten Porcelain Museum. | to 13 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Ewig Schön: 300 Jahre Wiener Porzellan, 1718–2018

    The Museum hosts an exhibition marking the tricentenary of porcelain production in Vienna; reviewed in the August issue (see also Vienna, Museum of Applied Arts).

  • Europe | Hamburger Kunsthalle. | to 14 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Entfesselte Natur: Das Bild der Katastrophe seit 1600

    Representations of natural disasters from 1600 to the present.

  • Great Britain and Ireland | Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh. | to 14 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Rembrandt: Britain's Discovery of the Master

    Major works by Rembrandt and British artists from Hogarth to Auerbach who were influenced by his work.

  • London | Tate Modern, London. | to 14 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art

    A survey of photography and abstraction from the 1910s to the present.

  • Great Britain and Ireland | Edinburgh, Scottish National Gallery. | to 21 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Emil Nolde (1867–1956)

    A survey of Emil Nolde’s paintings, drawings and prints, previously in Dublin and reviewed in the August issue.

  • Great Britain and Ireland | Liverpool, World Museum. | to 28 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors

    Ten of the Terracotta Warriors and some 170 other objects discovered in the famous excavation, loaned from collections across Shaanxi Province, are on view here.

  • Europe | The Hague, Gemeentemuseum. | to 28 Oct 2018 | Exhibition

    Art Nouveau in the Netherlands

    A survey of Art Nouveau in the Netherlands runs from 21st April to 28th October.

  • Europe | Vienna, Leopold Museum. | to 4 Nov 2018 | Exhibition

    Egon Schiele: The Jubilee Show

    The centenary of Egon Schiele’s death occasions an exhibition focused on the Expressionist-era works in the Museum’s collection; 23rd February to 4th November.

  • London | Victoria & Albert Museum. | to 4 Nov 2018 | Exhibition

    Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up

    Paintings by Frida Kahlo are shown alongside a collection of her personal effects never before exhibited outside of Mexico.

  • Europe | Musée de Flandre, Cassel. | to 4 Nov 2018 | Exhibition

    Entre Rubens et Van Dyck, Gaspar de Crayer

    The first monographic exhibition dedicated to Flemish painter Gaspar de Crayer (1584–1669) includes some fifty works.

  • London | Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art. | to 4 Nov 2018 | Exhibition

    Mika Rottenberg

    The inaugural exhibition of Goldsmiths CCA is devoted to sculptures and purpose-built installations by Argentina-born artist Mika Rottenberg.

  • Europe | Abegg Stiftung, Riggisberg. | to 11 Nov 2018 | Exhibition

    A Taste for the Exotic: European Silks of the Eighteenth Century

    An exhibition examines the influence of Far Eastern design upon early eighteenth-century European silks.

  • North America | Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. | to 6 Dec 2018 | Exhibition

    A Resplendent World: Books of Hours from the 13th – 16th Century in Quebec

    Medieval and Renaissance art illuminations and bound manuscripts from Quebec collections.

  • Europe | MOU – Museum van Oudenaarde en de Vlaamse Ardennen, Oudenaarde. | to 16 Dec 2018 | Exhibition

    Adriaen Brouwer - Master of Emotions

    A monographic show devoted to Adriaen Brouwer (1606–38).

  • North America | Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. | to 30 Dec 2018 | Exhibition

    Siah Armajani: Follow This Line

    A retrospective of the works of Siah Armajani (b. 1939).

  • Europe | Vicenza, Palladio Museum. | to 31 Dec 2018 | Exhibition

    Secret Tiepolo

    Seven frescoes by Giandomenico Tiepolo in private collections are on public view here for the first time.

  • London | Wallace Collection. | to 6 Jan 2019 | Exhibition

    Sir Richard Wallace: The Collector

    An exhibition marks the bicentenary of Sir Richard Wallace’s birth by examining twenty pieces from his personal collection.

  • North America | Dallas Museum of Art. | to 6 Jan 2019 | Exhibition

    Cult of the Machine: Precisionism and American Art

    Previously in San Francisco, an exhibition studies the machine aesthetic in American art of the early twentieth century.

  • Europe | Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam. | to 13 Jan 2019 | Exhibition

    Rubens. Painter of Sketches

    A major showing of Rubens’s oil sketches, previously in Madrid.

  • Europe | Kunsthalle Munich. | to 13 Jan 2019 | Exhibition

    Thrill of Deception. From Ancient Art to Virtual Reality

    The prevalence and protean meanings of optical illusions throughout the history of art are studied here.

  • London | Victoria and Albert Museum. | to 27 Jan 2019 | Exhibition

    Fashioned from Nature

    An exhibition explores the ways in which fashion has drawn from the aesthetics, processes and materials of the natural world; 21st April to 27th January.

  • New York | Museum of Modern Art, New York. | to 3 Feb 2019 | Exhibition

    Judson Dance Theater: The Work Is Never Done

    An array of objects and documents are brought together here to record the history of the important workshops hosted at Judson Memorial Church, New York, and the performances that resulted from them.

  • Europe | Eindhoven, Van Abbemuseum. | to 17 Mar 2019 | Exhibition

    Museum as Parliament

    The project for the ‘People’s Parliament of Rojava’, designed by Jonas Staal for the autonomous government in northern Syria, is reconstructed here through documentation and events.