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April 2021

Vol. 163 | No. 1417

Medieval Art and Architecture


The Victoria and Albert Museum

At a time when arts organisations throughout the world are facing the gravest crisis in their recent history it is dismaying that some have tried to exploit the covid-19 pandemic to justify contentious initiatives affecting their staff and collections. In Britain last year the National Trust put forward a proposal for both reducing and restructuring its curatorial staff, and in January the Wallace Collection, London, announced a plan to close permanently its library and archive.

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Chess and Other Games Pieces from Islamic Lands (The al-Sabah Collection / Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah)

As Deborah Freeman Fahid states in the introduction to this catalogue, ‘Abbasid Baghdad in the 9th and 10th centuries has been compared to the Moscow of the 1980s as the intellectual centre of chess, where grandmasters and theoreticians flourished’ (p.15). Chess was introduced early to the Islamic world, from India, whereas backgammon probably has a much older origin, the history of the games is not the focus here, however.

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Medieval art history thirty-three years on

By Alexandra Gajewski

'Will the Age of Chivalry be remembered as the last gasp of medieval art history in this country?’, asked Caroline Elam in her Editorial in The Burlington Magazine of February 1988. The issue, which coincided with the Age of Chivalry exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, celebrated English Gothic Art and was the last time this Magazine has published a special issue on the Middle Ages.

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April 2021, #1417 – Vol 163

Medieval Art and Architecture

  • Gilded glass and English saints: a medieval reliquary at Douai Abbey

    By Marian Campbell,Michaela Zöschg
  • An illuminated fifteenth-century Milanese manuscript of the ‘Meditationes Vitae Christi’

    By Lisandra S. Costiner
  • Architecture and liturgy in the east end of Saint-Urbain, Troyes

    By Michalis Olympios
  • The drinking servant in depictions of the ‘Adoration of the Magi’

    By Peter Megyeši
  • Chess and Other Games Pieces from Islamic Lands (The al-Sabah Collection / Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah)

    By Mariam Rosser-Owen
  • The Lost Art of the Anglo-Saxon World: The Sacred and Secular Power of Embroidery (Ancient Textiles Series, 35)

    By Jane Tibbetts Schulenburg
  • Christ on the Cross: The Boston Crucifix and the Rise of Monumental Wood Sculpture, 970–1200

    By Julian Luxford
  • Investigations in Medieval Stained Glass: Materials, Methods, and Expressions (Reading Medieval Sources, 3)

  • Medieval Women, Material Culture, and Power: Matilda Plantagenet and her Sisters

    By Lindy Grant
  • Siena and the Angevins, 1300–1350: Art, Diplomacy, and Dynastic Ambition

    By Julian Gardner
  • Early Islamic Textiles from Along the Silk Road

    By Ana Cabrera Lafuente
  • Francesco Traini e la pittura a Pisa nella prima metà del Trecento

    By Kayoko Ichikawa
  • Stone Fidelity: Marriage and Emotion in Medieval Tomb Sculpture

    By Antje Fehrmann
  • Flamboyant Architecture and Medieval Technicality: The Rise of Artistic Consciousness at the End of the Middle Ages (c. 1400–c. 1530)

    By Costanza Beltrami
  • Migrating Art Historians on the Sacred Ways: Reconsidering Medieval French Art through the Pilgrim’s Body

    By Rose Walker
  • Joseph Bernard (1866–1931): Of Stone and Sensuality

    By Jamie Mulherron
  • Michael Wolgemut: Mehr als Dürer’s Lehrer

    By Larry Silver
  • Koninklijk Blauw

    By Reino Liefkes
  • Im Herzen wild: Die Romantik in der Schweiz

    By Lorenz van der Meij
  • Sculptures infinies: Des collections de moulages à l’ère digitale / Infinite Sculpture: From the Antique Cast to the 3D Scan

    By Jennifer Reynolds-Kaye
  • Len Lye: Motion Composer

    By Michael Richardson
  • Working Together: The Photographers of the Kamoinge Workshop

    By Cheryl Finley,Jasmine Wilson