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May 2023

Vol. 165 | No. 1442



Digitising the Conway and Witt Libraries

Anxiety about the future of the two great photographic libraries housed in the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, can be traced back at least thirty years. In October 1992 we published an Editorial, ‘The Witt and Conway libraries under threat’, which was prompted by a demand from the University of London that the Courtauld – not yet a self-governing and self-financing entity – produce a business plan that would show how the libraries could develop commercial opportunities to offset a threatened reduction in university funding. The financial axe did not finally fall until 2009, when the Courtauld made the staff of both the Witt and the Conway redundant.

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Mey Rahola (1897–1959): The new photographer
Mey Rahola: Desire for Horizons

Although Mey Rahola (1897–1959) was one of the first women to become renowned for art photography in Spain, she remains a little-known figure today. Two linked exhibitions with a single catalogue dedicated to the Catalan photographer set out to rectify this and liberate an overlooked artist from the shadow of anonymity. Working with Rahola’s family, the curators, Lluís Bertran Xirau, Roser Martínez Garcia and Roser Cambray, have assembled 550 items from her collection, including 250 negatives and a number of photograph albums.

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  • Glass-plate negative of a detail from the Bayeux Tapestry

    The Bayeux Tapestry photographed

    By Ella Ravilious
  • Lee Miller in the bathtub in Hitler’s apartment, Munich

    ‘Goethe’s house is severely wrecked’:Lee Miller at Buchenwald and Weimar

    By Katharina Günther
  • Weegee

    One short trip to New York: Bill Jay and Tony Ray-Jones

    By Grant Scott
  • Detail from Variable piece #70: 1971 (in process) global 633

    Landscape as grid in Stephen Shore’s‘American surfaces’

    By Thomas Cornelius
  • Self-portrait as walking woman with bag, 1979 Lima, Peru 2019 Los Angeles, CA, from the series 1979 contact negatives

    The Photography Centre at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

    By Lisa Stein
  • Duncan Robinson

    Duncan Robinson (1943–2022)

    By Elizabeth Pergam
  • Vermeer Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 10th February–4th June

    By Blaise Ducos


  • Islanders: The Making of the Mediterranean Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 24th February–4th June

    By Roy Stephenson
  • Visionary Romantics: Balke, Lucas, Hertervig

    By David Jackson
  • Sargent and Spain

    By Jane Dini
  • Victor Brauner: Inventions and Magic

    By Michael Richardson
  • Mey Rahola (1897–1959): The new photographer
    Mey Rahola: Desire for Horizons

    By Poppy Menzies Walker
  • Howardena Pindell: A New Language

    By Padraig Regan
  • Islamic Arts Biennale

    By Mariam Rosser-Owen